We’re turbomachinery and combustion specialists.

FTT specializes in the engineering, development, and testing of gas turbines, propulsion components, turbopumps, and systems for military and commercial aircraft, space propulsion, and industrial applications including clean power generation and oil and gas.

We're Cutting Edge

FTT is an innovation leader in the turbomachinery and rockets industries. Our engineers focus on cost and performance at all times to maximize the product benefits for the customer.

We're Experienced

FTT’s extensive working knowledge of the detailed design process and expertise – more than 4000 years of turbomachinery and combustion experience – gives our customers industry-best durability and performance for their products. We leverage our cross-industry capabilities to deliver innovative, cost-saving solutions for our customers. Our extensive supplier base and continuing education programs further add value to our services. Below is a list of some of the things we do best:

Engineering Services

From Heat Transfer to Mechanical Design to Aerodynamics to Drafting, we are a fully featured engineering firm with expertise in almost every discipline. Learn more...

In-House Testing

Our U.S. based locations house an expansive test center, with a full range of testing and instrumentation services to complement design validation and failure analyses. Learn more...

Field Services

FTT offers a wide range of field support specialists to help our clients outside of the office. From engine teardowns to on-site blade inspections, we have experience helping our clients pinpoint and eliminate issues right where they occur. Learn more...

Demonstrator Services

FTT is a "one-stop shop" for demonstrator engine, component, and rig test articles. Our specialties include compression and expansion turbomachinery systems, combustion systems, heat exchangers, and inlet/exhaust systems. Learn more...

We're Global

FTT has four permanent locations across the globe, each housing a separate company with individual areas of expertise and specialties:

United States Germany United Kingdom Puerto Rico

We're Qualified

In 2016, FTT became the newest member of the Versatile Affordable Advanced Turbine Engine (VAATE) consortium of government and industry experts, that shape the future of propulsion for the next generation of Department of Defense products.

FTT UK, Ltd. is a member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and a Bondholder with Marketing Derby.

FTT employs a Senior Geometric and Tolerancing Professional, certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Our Areas of Expertise